Kassandra Gazette #23 — Fine-Tuning for the Future

Advancements in SEO, Governance, and User Experience

Kassandra Foundation
3 min readOct 10, 2023
Kassandra’s Gazette #23

Hello, Kassandra Community!

We’re back with another update, and it’s all about progress.

From refining our online presence to amplifying our community engagement, the past two weeks have been nothing short of transformative.

Development Update: New Pool Page

As you already know from our last Gazette #22, we’ve kicked off the transformation with a sleek redesign of the pool investment screen.

Significant progress has been made on the upcoming pool page.

While it hasn’t been officially launched, we’re working to enhance your investment experience with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Take a glimpse at how it looked before and how it is looking now:

Before and After

Governance: The Manager’s Incentive Program

Firstly, let’s revisit our Manager’s Incentive Program. This initiative encourages community members to actively engage in the platform’s growth by managing their own investment pools. It’s an open call for innovation and leadership within the Kassandra ecosystem.

Kassandra’s Manager Incentive Program

One such example of this program in action is a recent proposal by Goat News, a valued community member and content creator for Kassandra.

Goat News has proposed upgrading his Arbitrum LSDFi pool from a Community Pool to a Featured Pool.

KassandraDAO’s Forum

If KCY holders approve this upgrade, investors in this pool will benefit from the pool’s unique investment strategy and earn additional KACY tokens.

KassandraDAO Governance for KCY Holders

Featured Pools receive an active promotion by our dedicated marketing team, a highlighted placement on our platform, and additional earning opportunities in KACY for managers and investors.

In conclusion, this governance proposal by Goat News exemplifies the very essence of our Manager’s Incentive Program. It demonstrates that any manager can take the reins, create a compelling pool, and apply to feature it. If you’ve contemplated stepping into a governance role, consider this your clarion call.

Elevating Our Online Presence with SEO

Aug vs Sept

Our Growth Marketing team has been working diligently on a new SEO strategy.

The fruits of their labor are already showing, with our blog posts reaching all-time highs in our Google rankings.

Expect more compelling and educational content in the days ahead.

Expanding Our Reach: PR and Networking

Our Growth Marketing team isn’t just stopping at SEO.

They’re actively networking and pitching stories about Kassandra’s products and KACY to various media outlets and newsletters.

Big things are in the pipeline, and we can’t wait to share more with you soon. Stay tuned 👀


Our strides in the last two weeks set the stage for a bright future.

We continue to evolve thanks to your ongoing support and valuable feedback.

Stay tuned for more updates in the next edition of the Kassandra Gazette.

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