The Kassandra Gazette — August Beckons#5

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3 min readAug 1, 2022

Things like the Avalanche Podcast and Twitter analytics. Read on.

Welcome, everyone. Time to tell you what has been going on.

Another two weeks have passed in the KassandraVerse. Here’s what happened:

If you’ve attended our last friday Community Meetup, the Kassandra Foundation works with the Agile framework. This basically means that we touch base every two weeks to set new objectives and have daily meetings to gauge how much progress we’ve made each day.

It also means that we separate our workforce in five groups: Product, Application, Protocol, Research, and Growth. We’ll walk you through what each team has done.

Let us section it up, shall we?

Product 🎯

  • New website functional prototypes (including mobile) are done
  • New page explaining how everything works for you to share with friends
  • Onboarding experience for fund managers on the works

We’ve found out that Kassandra is actually a difficult concept to grasp. Web3 is a tricky thing, isnt it? We also found that our website as it stands doesn’t convey our message efficiently enough, so we just redid the whole thing. We have started developing our onboard system for managers to prepare for our upcoming Fund Creation feature as well!


  • Finishing touches of the functional part of our (new) website
  • Governance front-end functionality done

The application team works on making your experience buttery smooth. Thanks to them, you’ll be able to take your proposals out of the forum and into the voting chambers! Time to show off those voting powers, huh?

Protocol 💻

  • Kassandra for Managers models & contract work
  • Studying the possibility of dynamizing withdraw fees

The protocol team works on building our smart contracts. Simple, right?

Basically, they are the bone structure of Kassandra, and the latest thing they’ve been working on is the following:

  • Who gets to create an index fund
  • Implementation of a new role: Broker (referral feature)
  • Implementing investment fee to benefit managers

Here’s a little demo:


  • Simulations on how new funds would work
  • Swap fees (always) being optimized
  • Figuring out the best reallocation window

Research is a slow, relentless worker. This team works on constantly optimizing how every “under-the-hood” feature functions, like reallocation times, swap fees, and investment fees. Its ultime goal? Make everything less costly and more effective.


  • Constant tweet factory
  • Website statistics tracking
  • Article writing
  • Exposure on local events and podcasts
  • Avalanche podcast

The communication team. We work on writing, writing and the occasional business meeting/podcast. Speaking on podcasts, our Avalanche podcast is coming out soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

Here’s a page of our latest twitter analytics:

This was our latest report. We hope that everything was clear enough and that you’re pleased with our work this sprint! Doubts, troubles or just plain ol’ talking with the devs? Reach out to us on Discord, Telegram or Twitter!

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Kassandra is an audacious project to delegate money management in a decentralized, efficient, and customizable way, working as a marketplace for tokenized and data-driven investment strategies.

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