Welcome the Avalanche Social Index

We’re glad to announce that after a new sprint of hard retesting and security verifications, the Kassandra team had successfully deployed the Avalanche Social Index to Avalanche Mainnet.

The Avalanche Social Index is an ARC20 token with the ticker $aHYPE that represents a fraction in an ever-changing and dynamic portfolio, that with the help of the social data company Heimdall and the first-party oracle solution API3, constantly allocates money towards the most outstanding communities on the Avalanche ecosystem.

By holding the $aHYPE you will get exposure to AVAX, JOE, PNG, QI, XAVA, CRA, and KACY, with allocations guided by their respective community's social strength.

Click here to invest in Avalanche Social Index

The real world connector: API3

API3 is the leading first-party oracle solution that makes real-world data accessible by smart contracts. With Airnode, API data can be queried from blockchains without having to use specialist node-operating middlemen. This architecture both eliminates the Sybil-vulnerable third-party node layer and reduces fees by cutting out the “middleman tax” paid to these node operators for their services.

API3 is the perfect fit to enable Kassandra investment strategies to connect with real-world data and execute data-driven and on-chain portfolio assets changes.

Learn more about API3 on https://api3.org

The social data provider: Heimdall

Heimdall is a social data company for cryptocurrency that uses data from Twitter and algorithms inspired by Google’s search engine, used to rank websites on searches, to measure how socially strong communities are.

By using the Airnode solution from API3, Heimdall feeds the Social Scores of each cryptocurrency to the blockchain enabling the Kassandra strategy contract to rebalance the portfolio of the Avalanche Social Index towards the most socially active cryptocurrencies.

Learn more about Heimdall on https://heimdall.land

Learn about Kassandra

Kassandra is an audacious project to delegate money management in a decentralized, efficient, and customizable way, working as a marketplace for tokenized and data-driven investment strategies.

Website | Twitter | Github | Discord | Telegram



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