The Kassandra Gazette — End of Q2 #4

  • Launch of our second index fund, #K3C
  • Release of our governance feature
  • Complete website redesign based on user research (Lunch soon)
Number go up
Does it look good or does it look good?
  • Analysis of wallets with staked KACY to better understand staker profile
  • Optimizing our swap fee of 0.3% to decide if it’s the best option
  • Editing yield farms on K3C to acquire better yield
  • UI customization for our governance forum
  • Manager Profiles
  • Community Curated Funds
  • Full-fledged Governance
  • Website redesign
  • BTC.B addition to K3C

About Kassandra

Kassandra is an audacious project to delegate money management in a decentralized, efficient, and customizable way, working as a marketplace for tokenized and data-driven investment strategies.



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Kassandra Foundation

Kassandra Foundation


The decentralized autonomous organization that governs tokenized data-driven investment funds