The Kassandra Gazette — End of Q2 #4

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5 min readJul 18, 2022

The governance forum edition. Welcome, buckos.

We have survived yet another quarter. This was a colder quarter, where we saw token prices everywhere plummet, VC funds default, protocols failing and stablecoins dying… Yet, we survived. Heavily bruised in the department of token price, but alive.

We’ve succesfully launched the first step of our governance, which is the governance forum, and the full, fleshed out governance system comes in less than a month! Sorry for the delay, buds. Highlights, anyone?

  • Launch of our second index fund, #K3C
  • Release of our governance feature
  • Complete website redesign based on user research (Lunch soon)

Now, without further ado, look at what we’ve done while Alive And Kicking!

The market has been recovering well these past few days, with Ethereum going from $950 to about $1450, and Bitcoin from its low of $18000 all the way to $22000!

This means that K3C and aHYPE both have been red-hot!

Number go up

For the time being, prices have been recovering well, with innovations such as JoePegs and the advent of “Free Mint Mondays” bringing AVAX NFTs into newfound relevance, things seem to be heating up again. With this in mind, lets go into our latest fund!

TriCrypto (K3C) is finally out and about! After some dramatic setbacks and fund-breaking glitches were sorted, we finally launched on June 8th, 2022!

However, there was another problem. While our first option for yield on BTC, ETH, USDT and KACY were BankerJoe, we realized post-launch that BankerJoe paused all yields for those tokens due to the bear market. Not only that, but USDT yields weren’t that good accross the board.

So we took action. We changed our stablecoin to DAI instead, a trusted, decentralized token by MakerDAO, and moved our yield from BankerJoe to AAVE. You can check where each of our yield is coming from here, as we update it to reflect the best returns from time to time.

Now everything is working fine, and this means more funds to the DAO via withdraw fees! Which means more funds for marketing, buybacks and whatever else our community chooses at the next section…

Governance is right around the corner. However, you can already start making your voice heard in our Governance Forum. Our first post is a tutorial on which steps need to be taken in order to create a valid proposal, starting with the Temperature Check, which ensures that it is something the community is interested in, and ends with the creation of the On-Chain Governance vote.

We already have 4proposals in our short timespan since launch! Time for you to go and add some more!

Investor Profiles was a pretty big part of this governance update: Our members are now able to create and customize their profile with their own NFTs or any other image they’d like. You can also pin your socials, such as telegram, twitter, website and discord.

You can also check your portfolio holdings, being able to see which funds you have invested in and which tokens you currently own, all denominated in dollar value. Soon, you’ll be able to see your managed funds (part of the manager profiles update in Q3) and your governance statistics (very soon!)

Does it look good or does it look good?

Time to start building a name for yourself, and what better way than to show off all the expensive (and not so expensive) NFTs you’ve collected?

Research & Metrics

  • Analysis of wallets with staked KACY to better understand staker profile
  • Optimizing our swap fee of 0.3% to decide if it’s the best option

Basically, we’re still running tests on those two. No change since last update two weeks ago!

Minor Features

  • Editing yield farms on K3C to acquire better yield
  • UI customization for our governance forum

Upcoming Features

  • Manager Profiles
  • Community Curated Funds
  • Full-fledged Governance
  • Website redesign
  • BTC.B addition to K3C

This is the report for Q2! Not much has happened market-wise, but we’ve been hard at work ever since day 1, with still many more features to bring to Q3!

We hope that this was informative enough for most, but if you’ve got any questions, doubts or just want to be part of the Kassandra community, reach out to our team! See you next quarter!

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