The Kassandra Gazette — Big Update Friday #6

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5 min readAug 16, 2022

Governance launch, new website and cool new buttons.

The long overdue conclusion of our 3rd quarter, delivered in full.

Today, we’re doing things a bit different.

Its always a funny feeling when something you’ve been working on for months is done. At first, you’re just glad its over: Ship it, announce it and move on to the next thing. You never think you’re going to miss looking at 40 different variations of the same homepage, but you kinda do.

This time, we got that three-fold.

  • Website redesign (Both app and institutional pages)
  • On-chain governance
  • Voting power leaderboards

So as a final send-off to our third quarter, we’ll walk you through it, One More Time, With Feeling.

New hairdo and clothes.

Kassandra’s total makeover is a sight to behold. A lot of user research (remember that 200 $KACY prize draw?), design sessions, writing and rewriting went into this website. And a bunch of cool CSS animations.

Our new website showcases every feature, both upcoming and current, that our protocol has. We’ve added nice-to-know features, like TVL, collected swap/withdraw fees and overall volume to our front page, making us easier to research.

We’ve also separated our page in three distinct user profiles: One for each set of functionalities our protocol has. They are:

  • Investors
  • Managers
  • DAO Members

Do i hear… Deep dive?

Our idea for this section was: Maximize output, minimize input. That is the primary ethos that we believe an Investor would want from our protocol. We’ve felt that we need to emphasize that safety, especially in the days of massive DeFi hacks, is paramount, and that loss of funds is unacceptable.

In this screen, we reiterate that we are:

  • Permissionless
  • Non-Custodial
  • Code-audited (by Certik.)

As a protocol, we can’t guarantee profits, but we can guarantee safety, which was the focal point of those starting points.

But while our investor follows strategies from fund managers, we ensure:

  • Only whitelisted tokens are tradeable. This means that managers can only create index funds with tokens approved by our DAO members.
  • Transactions are smooth and front-run proof. By changing allocations gradually, slippage losses are kept at a minimum.
  • Complete autonomy. Fund investors get to move their money whenever they feel like it. No waiting times or unpleasant surprises.

This way, prospective investors get every information they need in one place: Delegate their money, reduce their risk and build their network of like-minded investors and managers. Less stress, more gain.

General ideas for this session: Safety, convenience, decentralization and efficiency.

What is something that would get the attention of a budding manager? “Get paid to manage your own portfolio.” Is there any better incentive? Our thought process here was to emphasize self-gain: You’re creating it for yourself first, and its good for others that you do.

In a way, managers acting selfishly actually benefits the Kassandra collective. Then, we present the following advantages:

  • Set new allocations that automatically get followed. You just pick a percentage and our rebalance features will keep it balanced.
  • Easy-to-use, all inclusive interface. Create your fund, track your metrics, change allocations and tokens in one single place.
  • Free from fees. By utilizing arbitrageurs, we delegate the cost of maintaining your fund to traders rather than managers.

Creating a fund should be simple. This is why we’ve created a simple “how-it-works” diagram to teach managers on the “hows and whys” of fund creation. Diagrams are always an efficient way to convey information.

For the step-by-step version, just access the manager section on our website.

So, by now, it has been established that managers get an all-in-one interface, easy-to-set allocations and lower fees than regular portfolio managing apps. As a closing point, we make a quick rundown of what they can do:

  • Track all your investments
  • Tokenize it all into one single portfolio
  • Get paid everytime someone invests in it

General ideas for this session: Saving money, ease-of-use, all-inclusive and profitability.

Here, we wanted to let token holders know that they can shape Kassandra into what they believe in. After all, we are a DAO. It’s important to emphasize that the bigger the pie, the better your slice.

So we have three tennets to help guide the community:

  • Create — Aid the Foundation in the creation of curated funds and commit ideas to our governance.
  • Maintain — Help building events, marketing initiatives, design creation, coding and whatever else there is demand for.
  • Get Paid — Earn protocol revenue from governance and community bounties.

They can take full advantage of our governance system to better the protocol wherever they see fit, and get part of the protocol revenue for it. What’s better than work somewhere you love?

This is where the importance of holding $KACY comes shining out. Hodlers feel encouraged bcause of the following:

  • Scarce — Every investment fund needs a 5% allocation of KACY in it.
  • Limited — You only get voting rights if you lock it, with higher incentives for longer timelocks.
  • Slow inflating— Our total token distribution is expected to be completed in three years.
  • Community focused distribution — Over 50% of our supply will go to early supporters in the form of rewards.

We hope that this has been an informative article to newcomers and old blood alike. Want to find out more about the team behind Kassandra? Just click here. If you’ve got any doubts, reach out on our social media below!

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