The Kassandra Gazette — Avalanche Benchmark Index? #7

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4 min readSep 9, 2022

In this edition: Upgrading aHYPE, Kassandra for Managers, cool new gadgets.

The Avalanche ecosystem is waking up to investment funds.

With new projects such as Colony’s $CAI garnering a high amount of interest, it is clear that diversification is an important matter to retail and institutional investors alike.

This provides the perfect opportunity to launch $aHYPE’s upgrade, effectively becoming the most diverse yield-bearing index fund in Avalanche! Spoiler alert:

  • Yield-bearing assets on $aHYPE
  • New tokens
  • Kassandra for Managers

This is the continuation of Q3. Now, tell me: What’s going on?

The Avalanche Social Index (aHYPE) is our first product. It’s always exciting to come back to it, and after our latest governance proposal, we’ve had the perfect excuse to tinker with it again.

At the start, the index will have yield on four assets:

  • Trader Joe’s $JOE
  • BenQi’s $QI
  • Pangolin’s $PNG
  • A joint venture $sAVAX with Vector, Platypus, Yieldyak and BenQI.

This means that we autocompound yields from these four tokens back into $aHYPE, growing your investments while you hold them with no babysitting. Just stake and forget it!

P.S: Expect new faces within our index soon!

Bottom in? Jokes aside, while things have been stagnating for a while, our K3C portfolio has been growing steadily in TVL since its inception. With a 29% APR to boot, not counting the yield from every asset!

The market seems to be in no mood to invest in risky assets just yet, as aHYPE has yet to see a surge in TVL due to overall low liquidity in ecosystem. With 37% APR, Here are aHYPE’s stats:

However, we expect things to change. There is a time for risk, and a time for stability. We’ll continue releasing strategies for every kind of investor and allow the community to do so as well. And the latter is our next topic:

The second most anticipated feature. And we’ve kept receipts!

There has been refining in the smart contracts. Our talented front-end team is hard at work with UI and UX ever since the third quarter of development.

We’re currently doing rounds of interviews with potential managers to onboard and collecting valuable feedback to ensure Kassandra’s fund creation is cutting edge, in every aspect.

Keep an eye out on our socials and reach out if you want to be considered in our initial manager onboarding/interview!

Currently, we are undertaking:

  • Research on fund creation steps
  • Manager features
  • Analysis on other protocols
  • Features revision
  • Applying insights from ongoing manager interviews
  • Multi-chain
  • Fund creation
  • Investor profiles

All in all, everything is working as intended. First, we’re focusing on tackling fund creation and, after that, cross chain capability, which will likely be the last feature on this years roadmap.

Was everything clear enough? Anything you’d like to know that we’ve missed? Let us know at our socials, such as Discord, Twitter, and Telegram!

Until the next article, see ya!

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