Reaching for New Heights with Arbitrum

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3 min readAug 25, 2023

Kassandra achieves a new milestone by launching on the Arbitrum ecosystem, enabling a broader selection of tokens and opening up opportunities for new investment strategies.

We are excited to share that Kassandra is now LIVE on Arbitrum. This new step in our platform’s history marks the first time we are using a layer-2 solution, inheriting Ethereum’s solid and trusted infrastructure. This allows us to offer a broader selection of digital assets, cater to a more diverse audience of managers and investors, and introduce new investment pool strategies.

What is Arbitrum?

In the ever-evolving realm of blockchain technology, Ethereum has consistently commanded attention, captivating developers and users alike with its robust smart contract capabilities. However, this journey has been punctuated by significant challenges, most notably the surging gas fees and sluggish transaction speeds that have ignited a fervent quest for more efficient alternatives. This is where Arbitrum steps in.

Arbitrum emerges as a standout and pivotal Layer 2 blockchain solution poised to usher in a transformative shift within Ethereum’s landscape. At the vanguard of scalable and cost-effective remedies, Arbitrum distinguishes itself for its ability to facilitate swift execution of smart contract transactions, simultaneously reducing the financial overhead associated with each interaction. This dual-pronged approach not only expedites processing but also addresses the economic barriers that have posed persistent challenges within the Ethereum network.

Kassandra and Arbitrum

The launch of Kassandra in the Arbitrum ecosystem is a strategic decision aimed at bringing a series of significant advantages to our platform.

One of the main advantages that Kassandra gains from making this transition is greater token variability. This means that the platform will be able to offer a broader selection of digital assets, catering to a more diverse and comprehensive audience.

The growing activity on Arbitrum is also an attractive factor, as it provides Kassandra with an opportunity to be at the epicenter of action, where the community interacts and moves capital frequently. This not only increases Kassandra’s visibility but also boosts its relevance in the crypto market.

The transition to Arbitrum also provides Kassandra with the opportunity to introduce new investment pool strategies. With a more agile and efficient technological environment, the platform can explore innovative approaches to maximize value for its users and investors. This newly acquired flexibility can result in a diversified portfolio of investment options, attracting an even wider customer base in search of profitable opportunities.

It is important to emphasize that with Arbitrum, Kassandra is now present on layer-2 and inherits Ethereum’s robust security, providing a reliable and resilient environment for our operations, protected by a solid and well-established infrastructure.


Kassandra is preparing for an exciting new phase of its journey by embracing the advantages offered by Arbitrum. With a greater variety of tokens, a more active user base, and the ability to explore innovative investment strategies, the platform is positioning itself to soar higher in the cryptocurrency landscape. At the same time, Ethereum’s security heritage ensures that this journey is backed by a solid foundation. The future looks promising for Kassandra as it ventures into Arbitrum in pursuit of excellence and continued growth.

About Kassandra

Kassandra is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) asset management platform that simplifies creating and investing in tokenized portfolios. It utilizes Balancer Labs Managed Pools and offers a unique approach compared to other asset management platforms.

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