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In the traditional market, exchange-tradable funds (ETFs) are investment funds that are traded directly on the stock exchange, where the index value is composed of the assets that the fund maintains in its portfolio. ETFs are a way to facilitate investor access to and exposure to a basket of assets while simplifying the operation by outsourcing management.

Kassandra Protocol

The Kassandra Protocol is the core technology that allows the DAO to deploy investment products. It starts from the premise of building tokenized investment baskets that are permissionless, non-custodial, and actively managed, but yet monetary efficient.

Smart Indexed Pools

As our first generalized approach to create tokenized investment baskets, we borrowed the design of Smart Indexed Pools (SIP) from Balancer Protocol and added oracle compatibility to allow active management from third-party data providers.

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The Firs SIP

For the development and launch of the first SIP, Kassandra partnered with the social data company for cryptocurrencies Heimdall, and will launch the first SIP and Index Token, namely $HEIM. The investment basket represented by this token will have its weights defined by the Social Score data provided by Heimdall, becoming a financial product that delivers exposure to the most socially active cryptocurrencies in the market.

  • The protocol will choose the ten tokens with the best social activity in the last 30 days, using Heimdall’s Social Scores, and make a weighted investment in each one, according to their respective social scores.

Whitelist Mechanism

The $KACY token holders can participate in the whitelist curation process for SIPs, thus defining a list of the tokens that SIPs can trade and add to their portfolios, which is one of the key activities done by token holders for long-term protocol success.


The SIP is a generalized and dynamically adjustable AMM, any swap carried out through the pool is subject to a fee of 0.3% that goes directly to the portfolio holdings.

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Kassandra Foundation

Kassandra Foundation


The decentralized autonomous organization that governs tokenized data-driven investment funds