Kassandra Gazette #9, The Long Overdue One.

  • New Pangolin and 1inch integration
  • More marketing and analysis team members
  • First steps towards the big multichain update
  • Platypus
  • YieldYak
  • Vector
  • Integrating 1inch exchange inside Kassandra
  • Getting Pangolin swap widget for users to buy KACY
  • Building the multichain feature
Although i really gotta say we lose 100 bot followers every month
  • Fixing known bugs in profile/foundation screen being fixed
  • Manager dashboard (Metrics, Create, Token Weights, Add/Remove)

About Kassandra

Kassandra is an audacious project to delegate money management in a decentralized, efficient, and customizable way, working as a marketplace for tokenized and data-driven investment strategies.



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Kassandra Foundation

Kassandra Foundation


The decentralized autonomous organization that governs tokenized data-driven investment funds