Kassandra Gazette #30 — Catching Up with Future Visions and Fresh Features!

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3 min readFeb 16, 2024

Hello Kacitizens! Today, we are thrilled to share with you the 30th Kassandra Gazette, the second of the year. We’re a tad late, but we promise it’s packed with exciting updates. Get ready!

New Features

By our community demand, we’ve rolled out two new features on the Kassandra dApp:

1. Modal Subgraph Status

This useful addition lets you peek at the network status of the blockchains where Kassandra is operating.

Now, staying informed about whether our platform is syncing with Polygon, Avalanche, or Arbitrum is very simple — just look for the green circle in the top menu.

2. DAO Governance Proposal Screen

For those who’ve been part of our journey and have been itching to submit a governance proposal to the Kassandra DAO, things just got a whole lot easier.

Gone are the days of needing us to craft a smart contract or doing it yourself. With the new Proposal Screen, simply head to the DAO menu, click on Proposals, and let your ideas flow. You can add a title, detail your proposal, and even link to related forum discussions.

Just remember to flick the “Advanced” switch for setting up the parameters that’ll chat with our smart contract team (without this, your proposal won’t take off, even if it wins community votes).

Bug Fixes

We’ve squashed some bugs since our last Gazette. Highlights include:

  • Fixed a race condition bug in Pool Operations where a tiny fraction of sent funds got stuck in our proxy.
  • Resolved an issue where downloading a pool’s performance image resulted in a blank background screen.
  • Corrected a misrepresentation of users’ delegated voting power in their profiles.

Collaborating Further with Community Manager Cyril and Kassandra

Our newest manager, Cyril (who’s also joined the Kassandra Managers Incentive Program), has been a superstar. By sharing his journey of discovering, choosing, and using the Kassandra dApp in an interview, he’s provided invaluable insights that help us enhance the platform and attract more community members. A big shoutout to Cyril!

Interested in contributing? We’d love to hear from you!

Brand Refresh and Exciting Plans for 2024

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you might have noticed a fresh look in our visuals.

Thanks to our growing Growth Team, which recently welcomed a talented new designer, Kassandra is undergoing a brand revamp.

Lucas, with us since the start of the year, is breathing new life into our visuals, refining our marketing materials, and evolving our logo to align with our vision for 2024.

We’re eager to share more about these changes once jrhaskel wraps up the Kassandra’s Virtuous Circle for the upcoming year, introducing new tokenomics for $KACY and a fresh proposal for Q1 Staking Rewards.

And yes, jrhaskel has cheekily dubbed this plan “Make KACY Great Again.” Stay tuned for this exciting rollout.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us, bridging the gap between managers and investors in the DeFi asset management space.

Looking forward to sharing more updates from jrhaskel soon.

The Kassandra Team

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Kassandra is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) asset management platform that simplifies creating and investing in tokenized portfolios. It utilizes Balancer Labs Managed Pools and offers a unique approach compared to other asset management platforms.

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