Kassandra Gazette #29 — Starting the year off on the right foot

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6 min readJan 16, 2024

Strong emotion, feedbacks with constant improvements

We start the year by adopting the habit that will be constant from now on: Listening to the community and implementing relevant change as quickly as possible. We prioritize bugs that are crucial for the platform’s operations and features that add value as a user. Knowing what’s going under the hood is an example of a feature of value. Features that are requested more than once are also indicators of valuable features.

Requests from last year

With the launch of the Share and Earn feature, users who already are pool managers would make changes to the deposit fees to provide more leverage for pool promoters.

Now, in the Fee Reward tab of the Manager, you can change the fees. This feature was requested twice by different users and was implemented last year.

We have a hypothesis that Share and Earn features can attract managers with high influence and potentially scale Kassandra’s TVL with win-win strategy share gains by depositors.


There was feedback on Telegram that was also addressed, which was the creation of a dashboard about the platform and the Kacy token. Here is the result:


If you want any changes, or the addition of any data, feel free to discuss.

Transfero Prime Feedbacks

Transfero is an institutional player that is our partner and investor. They have an initiative called Prime, a private investment for Brazilian investors, they do not make public investments offers and are testing Kassandra as a tool to reduce the back-office costs work in on-chain crypto portfolio investments. It is another hypothesis to test this with institutional players investors through private pools. Streamlining the management crypto portfolio.

They brought three feedback points for the improvement of their use of the Kassandra platform, which will undoubtedly benefit the entire community. And these resulted in the following feature:

  1. Skeleton loading for price calculation in ParaSwap:

2. A notification on the poolOperation card to alert when there is an error in ParaSwap price calculation:

Basically, we alert the user when the transaction is likely to fail due to attempting a very small deposit. This is more common in pools with assets at 1% as ParaSwap and 1Inch limit the swap value. So, we inform the user to increase the investment amount and disable the invest button, as the transaction will fail. This way, we minimize frustrations with the platform.

3. A profile modal with a button to log-out from the page:

This makes the management of multiple wallets within the platform easier.

The next steps with Prime Transfero involve establishing a connection via API for the integration of the pool with Prime’s investment app, thereby offering this investment opportunity to their clients. In case you want to invest in their pool only through their app.

The arrival of a major public manager

I would like to welcome Cyril Keir, who has reignited the hypothesis that influential manager would engage in public management. Cyril has brought many investor with constant deposits, and this has resulted in various feedback from both Cyril and his investors about the platform. And theses were the features and bugs identified due to Cyril and his investors:

  1. Continuous RPC updates

For those who have been in the community for a while, they know that Subgraph along with RPC have been significant challenges for Kassandra. We are one of the few DeFi platforms that have created our own infrastructure. Most other protocols rely on third-party infrastructure for blockchain data collection. To address this issue, we have implemented continuous analysis of the functioning of our RPC and the creation of a robot to check when we are online or not. The malfunctioning or RPC can result in our interface not being fully up to date with the blockchain states!

I will notify you when the RPC of any chains is down and what the consequence will be.

2. A feedback card when creating a new pool, informing that it is being indexed

This card appears on the manager’s screen after approving the pool creation transaction, informing that your pool should appear soon.

3. Fixed a bug related to the volume value on the manager and pool pages

Cyril noticed that the incoming volumes didn’t match the fees collected from deposits. He informed us about the issue, and it has been fixed.

4. Fixed a bug related to the user’s image being saved incorrectly

Today, Cyril is the largest individual manager on the platform with a single pool. He is highly engaged with the Kassandra community, and I believe he represents a new ray of hope for the market fit of public asset management for Kassandra.

He has shown his willingness to have a private conversation for an interview to gather feedback and understand his persona so that we can scale to other managers like him. Perhaps we will be able to understand how to attract people like him to improve our platform and increase our TVL. Thank you Cyril Kair!

Bug in the Smart Contract

Well, I know how sensitive this issue is in the DeFi space, but we need to talk about it.

The first bug was reported by one of Cyril’s investors, where the interaction between the interface and the smart contract caused a bug that locked a portion of the investor’s money in our smart contract. We ended up fixing the error and returning the money to the user.

The second bug was reported by Passandra, which relates to adding and removing tokens from the pool. It was fixed immediately, and the feature for adding and removing tokens was temporarily removed from the application for security reasons, until the correction. It has been fixed, and now we can use the feature for adding and removing tokens from the pool normally. The money removed from the pool has been returned to the Passandra.

Every day, our decentralized asset management platform (Kassandra) is becoming more robust. We increasingly see the possibility of becoming larger!

The next text I want to write here for you is about the tokenomics I’ve been thinking about for Kacy. I need to make some internal alignments, but believe me, it’s going to be something big!

I thank everyone for being together on this journey. This is just the beginning!


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