Kassandra Gazette #25 — Steering Forward with Community at the Helm

A Quarter to Remember: Reward Proposals and SEO Triumphs

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3 min readNov 7, 2023
Kassandra Gazette #25

Hello Kassandra Community,

As the fourth quarter of 2023 unfolds, we continue to surge ahead with pivotal updates and community-driven initiatives.

This sprint, we have a mix of technical advancements and strategic proposals that are setting the stage for an exciting end to the year.

Platform and Reward Enhancements

The much-anticipated revamp of our pool page is on the brink of going live.

After fine-tuning the final elements, we’re set to unveil a sleek, intuitive interface that will enhance your Kassandra user experience.

Bug Squashes and Fixes: A minor hiccup with new pools not displaying correctly was swiftly addressed, ensuring seamless navigation and functionality.

Community Governance in Action


Q4 Stake & Farm Rewards Proposal: A new proposal outlines the distribution of 141,000 KACY for the upcoming quarter’s rewards.

It reflects our commitment to rewarding loyalty and enhancing the value of KACY within our ecosystems on Avalanche and Polygon.

Have your say and help direct the future rewards strategy by voting here: Governance Proposal.

Our vigilant Ambassador, TheMoonWolf, has put forth a suggestion to streamline the rewards proposal process for the next period, advocating for earlier submissions to prevent any “outage” in rewards distribution.

Thank you, Wolf. Your proactive contributions keep us agile and member-focused.

Collaboration and Alignment

Kassandra Finance
Kassandra Jones

Ambassadors and Growth Team Meeting: A recent meeting between our growth leaders and Ambassadors has solidified our shared vision, aligning our goals and setting the course for the strategies ahead.

SEO Success Doubled: Our latest SEO campaign is not just maintaining momentum — it’s accelerating. With double the impressions and organic traffic on our blog posts in the last sprint, we’re capturing the attention of the crypto world, one click at a time.

Closing Thoughts

Our journey is shaped by the vibrant contributions and active participation of our community. The combined effort of our team and your invaluable input propels us toward a shared vision of success.

Stay tuned for the next edition of the Kassandra Gazette, where we’ll celebrate the launch of our redesigned pool page and more milestones that mark our progress.

Thank you for being the driving force behind Kassandra.

Until next time,

The Kassandra Team

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Kassandra is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) asset management platform that simplifies creating and investing in tokenized portfolios. It utilizes Balancer Labs Managed Pools and offers a unique approach compared to other asset management platforms.

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