Kassandra Gazette #21 — Revamping Featured Pools

Expanding our ecosystem to Avalanche and delivering unmatched value to our community

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4 min readSep 12, 2023
Kassandra Gazette #21
Kassandra Gazette #21

Hello, Kassandra Community!

Prepare yourselves for a pivotal moment in our journey.

As we usher in a new era, we’re thrilled to announce some monumental changes.

The Dawn of a New Chapter in Kassandra’s Managed Pools 🌅

Heimdall’s Sunset and A New Horizon

First and foremost, it’s important to address the end of Heimdall’s operations.

While the Elon-led takeover of Twitter has challenged Social Data analysis, this change isn’t a loss — it’s an opportunity. This means our Social Indexes for Avalanche and Polygon will no longer be updated, but rest assured, there’s no urgency for asset withdrawal.

In lieu of this, we are thrilled to unveil a revamped lineup of Featured Pools that align with our Managers Incentive Program. Our vision is to introduce intuitive, easy-to-understand Managed Pools that can be effortlessly promoted and integrated into partnerships with various projects and companies.

We’ve been diligently brainstorming and have some exciting pool concepts in the pipeline. And here’s the best part: we’ve been in talks with several institutional players, aiming to forge partnerships that will benefit both Kassandra and our native token, $KACY.

Sneak Peek into Our Pool Ideas 👀


  • Top protocols on Polygon by TVL
  • DeFi Blue Chips: Leading DeFi protocols by Market Cap


  • Top protocols on Arbitrum by TVL
  • Liquid Staking: Focused on liquid staking leaders
  • Derivatives Protocols: On-chain derivatives market leaders and hidden gems


  • Top protocols on Avalanche by TVL

Beyond these, we are also contemplating an Optimized Stablecoin Yield pool for each chain, which will be rolled out once certain security issues are resolved.

These are not just regular pools; they’re institutional-grade portfolios designed to meet the discerning needs of sophisticated investors.

What are your thoughts on this new array of our Managed Pools? Your feedback is not just welcome; it’s encouraged. Feel free to drop your suggestions and even opt to manage one of these exciting new pools!

New Tokens Added to Arbitrum Whitelist 📜

We’re continually enhancing our ecosystem to better serve our community.

As part of this, we’ve expanded the Arbitrum whitelist to include some exciting new tokens:

  • Smardex (SDEX) 🆕
  • HMX 🆕
  • Camelot DEX (GRAIL) 🆕
  • DOPEX (DPX) 🆕
  • Across Protocol (ACX) 🆕
  • Sperax (SPA) 🆕
  • Y2K 🆕

Have a Token You’d Like to See on Kassandra?

Your voice matters! If you have a favorite token in Arbitrum or any of our supported ecosystems that you’d like us to consider for inclusion, don’t hesitate to suggest it in our KassandraDAO Discord Forum.

KassandraDAO Discord

If there’s enough liquidity and community interest, we’ll look into adding it.

Avalanche Ecosystem Now Fully Integrated 🚀

In another win for the Kassandra community, you can now create and invest in multi-token pools within the Avalanche ecosystem.

We’ve expanded our token offerings to include 40 diverse options. Build your personalized investment strategy and let your assets flourish. Isn’t that something?

Content That Captures Minds and Markets 📚

Our growth marketing efforts are bearing fruit. The Kassandra Blog and our newsletters are drawing in organic traffic.

Did you catch our market recap in the latest “Kassandra Forecast” newsletter? It was nothing short of epic! If you haven’t subscribed yet, you’re missing out on some high-value, market-moving insights.

Kassandra Forescast: DeFi Weekly Newsletter
Kassandra Forescast: DeFi Weekly Newsletter

💌 Subscribe to Kassandra Forecast now and never miss that epic recap full of alpha again!

Fixes and UX/UI Improvements 🛠️

We’ve ironed out some minor bugs, including the APR display issue in the Stake pool, which is now resolved.

We’re also putting considerable effort into enhancing our user interface and experience, so expect a sleeker, more user-friendly Kassandra very soon.


From reimagining our pools to making strategic moves for institutional engagement, we’re setting new norms. It’s not just a step forward; it’s a giant W for Kassandra and the broader DeFi ecosystem.

We’re on an upward trajectory, and it’s all thanks to your continued support and engagement. Here’s to even greater heights!

Till the next Gazette, stay tuned and keep thriving!

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