Kassandra Gazette #18 — The Journey Continues

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4 min readJul 12


It’s time to roll out the red carpet for another milestone.

With each sunrise, we’re stepping into a brave new world. From our launch, it’s been a rollercoaster of tireless building and trailblazing.

Ready to catch up on our latest updates?

Discord Channels: Rejuvenated and Revamped

Yes, we did it.

We’ve given our Discord channels a little TLC.

It’s more than just a new haircut — we’ve reorganized and rejuvenated our digital hangout to encourage more vibrant, meaningful conversations, alphas, and market insights.

We firmly believe that good communication is the cornerstone of our shared journey, and we hope these changes will make it even easier for you to dive into discussions and find the info you need.

Price Impact: Tackling the Tides

We’ve taken a big leap towards reducing the Price Impact across all our investment pools on the Polygon Mainnet.

Price impact

It’s no small feat! With our new partner Paraswap, a DeFi Aggregator, we can divide your invested value among the tokens in the pool, cutting down the price impact and giving you a sharper picture.

It’s all about making our platform more efficient and friendly for you

Web3-Onboard: Your New Universal Key

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve integrated Web3-Onboard, a handy tool for connecting wallets.

Multi-wallet and multi-chain support

This new feature supports a wider range of wallets, including multi-signature options like Gnosis Safe, making it even easier for our institutional partners to hop on board.

It’s like having a master key that unlocks any door, giving you effortless control over your assets.

Activity Pool Component: Back by Popular Demand

You spoke, and we listened!

We’re breathing new life into the activity pool component. It’s like your favorite TV character making a comeback, adding more color and thrills to your Kassandra journey.

Activity pool component

Single Token Pool Creation: Your Magic Wand

And finally, we’re introducing the ability to create pools with a single token.

It’s a game-changer — soon you will be able to add liquidity to a pool using any token that’s kicking around in your wallet.

With Paraswap by our side, your chosen amount will be automatically distributed among the pool’s allocations. It’s like having a magic wand that can turn one token into a cascade of opportunities.

Pax Gold Now on Board: More Shine to Your Trading Experience

Pax gold

Now, you can trade this glittery asset on the Polygon network.

Pax Gold ($PAXG) is no ordinary cryptocurrency. It’s backed by actual gold and aims to bring the gold rush right into the 21st century, making the precious metal more tradeable and accessible.

Let’s add some more sparkle to your Kassandra journey! 🪙

Personalized News, Just for You

In our ongoing mission to make your Kassandra experience smoother than a jazz playlist, we’re cooking up a plan to bring you tailor-made content and updates in your favorite email.

It’s like having your assistant hand-delivering only the news that tickles your fancy right to your virtual door.


Though we’ve come a long way, this is just the prologue of our story.

We’re committed to making Kassandra the go-to asset management protocol on Avalanche, Polygon, and beyond.

We’re psyched about the voyage ahead and stoked to have you with us.

Ready to get started? Create your first fund and take us for a spin! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and thrilling developments. Catch you soon!

About Kassandra

Kassandra is an audacious project to delegate money management in a decentralized, efficient, and customizable way, working as a marketplace for tokenized and data-driven investment strategies.

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