Kassandra Gazette #16 — Let the human trials begin

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3 min readMar 27, 2023

The one where we talk about development + user testing.

Relax! Not a medical test (yet). We’re just going to start gathering people to test our upcoming features, e.g managed pool creation! We’ve already showed them to the Balancer team and the next step is to get you guys in the mix.

We’re doing the final tweaks on the manager screens, finally allowing users to seamlessly rebalance, remove, and add tokens to their portfolios, as well as receive fee rewards incurred from deposit and management fees.


  • Manager screens
  • Goerli testnet pool
  • User tests

Boys, let’s get to it.

As we’ve said before, it’s done, with just the smart contract interaction with UI/UX being tweaked specifically on asset management and reward claiming. On testing, we’re now able to completely customize a pool’s assets, weights, and rebalancing.

On the Goerli testnet pools, we’ve been implementing completely customizable fees, like deposit and management fees.

But what we really wanted to talk about was our upcoming user tests. I know we’ve said we were going to start them ages ago, but it is finally happening sometime during the next 4 weeks!

Now that we’re on the final road to our launch, we’d like to take this time to thank everyone that stood with us all this time. From our unforgettable Penguin launchpad launch, we’ve been here for what feels like forever — even though it hasn’t even been two years.

After all this time, users will be able to create, share, and invest in the soon-to-be coolested managed pool marketplace in crypto. You’ve already been with us this far, what do you say about helping us cross this one last bridge?

Help us test it out! We’re gathering users for managed pool creation tests (and more!), so if you’re interested, get in touch at our discord, twitter, or telegram!

  • Manager onboarding program
  • Managed pools
  • Switch wETH and DAI from K3C for yield-bearing tokens

A short upcoming features list with huge updates.

Our next Kassandra Gazette wont be as quiet as this one, so enjoy the calm before the storm. Until next time!

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