Kassandra Gazette #15 —Delivering, delivering, delivering.

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4 min readMar 13, 2023

On this one, we talk about our latest strides on our quest for multichain KACY.

Crazy week. Big banks closing down, stablecoins not being stable, and the market still goes up. We don’t know how much it’s gonna last, but we’re still building, and today we have very good news! We’re tentatively launching on April. 2023!

But wait, there’s more! We’ve also delivered half of our Balancer grants tasks: All the UI/UX work is done, with pool creation being live on Goerli testnet!

Today’s topics:

  • Balancer deliveries
  • Pool creation
  • Manager dashboard

Dive right in!

Right now, you’re able to create, customize and deploy your fund on testnet, as well as look at its statistics after the fact. The UI/UX has been completely worked on, and so have the smart contracts required to run it. Next step? Launching it on Polygon and Avalanche, coming in less than a month!

We’ve already created a few community pools to test it out. Peep how it’s going:

When you click on one of those pools, you can see basic stats on them, like deposited amount, withdrawals, price history, and how many depositors have invested into them.

After that, you can also check the individual performance of each asset. On this example, either inflation has gone out of control, or the 2024 bullrun went completely insane.

Well, now let’s talk about the next big thing: Fund creation.

As we’ve mentioned before, fund creation is live on Goerli testnet in our development page. You’re already able to create any pool you want with the following assets:

We’ve kept things simple, easy to understand and as short as possible, without giving up complexity for managers who want it. There are only 5 steps to fund creation:

  • Setting details (Fund name, ticker)
  • Selecting assets
  • Adding liquidity
  • Fee configuration (Deposit fees, withdraw fees, brokerage fees)
  • Review (Check everything again and confirm)

Since you’ve made it this far, it’s only fair we give you a smol sneak peek on how it **might** look like. Remember, those pics are not a finished product and could change drastically until our launch day!

Looking real pretty thus far. Thanks for sticking with us this long! Not going to spoil all screens right now, so if you want to see, come to our next Poker Night and the Kassandra Inventory! Date pending.

  • Develop QA/Tutorials for fund creation
  • Finishg working on funds fee management
  • Replace current wETH and DAI from K3C
  • Start pool creation tests with users
  • Start onboarding managers

We’re happy to finally be able to announce a tentative date for our release. It feels like forever since we launched over a year ago, and seeing the same people from back then still with us is amazing.

Thank you all for riding through all this with us! We’re reaching the end of this marathon, and we’re still just getting started! Until next time!

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