Kassandra Gazette #14 — Early spring cleaning

Kassandra Foundation
4 min readFeb 28, 2023

Whacking the weeds, updating index funds, and keeping the gears turning.

All Fall Down! Well, the subgraph used to do that. Not anymore! Thanks to our brand-new Kassandra spring cleaning, we’ve reviewed and updated a lot of our protocol to ensure things keep running smoothly.

We’ve fixed the faulty yielding pools on aHYPE that were causing issues on the purchase and redeem of index tokens, as well as causing absurd gas fees. The work isn’t 100% done as some glitches are still happening, but we’re fixing it as they come.

Today’s topics:

  • Testnet Pool Creation
  • Pool updates (aHYPE/K3C)
  • Polygon Social Index on testnet

Ready, set, read!

First order of business: Ensuring our main products work as intended. Thanks to a myriad of changes on YieldYak pools and our lack of time to focus 100% on it due to our cross-chain upgrade, some issues piled up over the last few days.

However, we’re happy to announce that all token issues are taken care of! We’ve:

  • Added GMX on aHYPE
  • Switched QI to a wQI due to pool glitches
  • Switched wBTC to a non-broken one

If you find any more issues, please let us know!

The Polygon Social Index will be our first product when we launch on Polygon, and as such, it needs extensive testing. Currently, we’re putting together a test pool.

If anyone here remembers the string of subgraph issues we’ve had in the past, you’ll also remember how much time it made us lose. Well, no more! We’ve managed to update it and now it’s working perfectly (until it breaks again.)

We’re working on integrating a piece of tech from a partner protocol to make pHYPE that more unique. Which protocol, you ask? You’ll find out soon enough ;)

We’ve completely finished UI/UX design for the fund creation mechanism, with only front-end integration with smart contracts left for us to finish. We’ll begin doing testnet tweaking on them soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to be early to the testing grounds!

How about some final sneak peeks before we go?

This is the Allocations screen, where you’ll be able to see your funds and how they’re split with pie charts, as well as how profitable they’re being and rebalancing stats!

In the Analytics page, you’ll be able to see a historical chart of prices, volatility percentages, and how assets are doing individually.

We’ve pretty much already explained all the other ones, so next thread comes the fund creation screens!

  • Deliver pHYPE on testnet
  • Render test pools using the Manager Studio
  • Turn the KACY token multichain
  • Set management fees
  • Start user tests on new features

Overall, not much has happened except the occasional pressing of buttons to keep our protocol running well and the constant progress on bridging out into the multi-chain world. Meanwhile, connect with us and stay up-to-date in real time in our discord/telegram/twitter!

See y’all on the next article!

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