Kassandra Gazette #13 — The inch-sized slippage killer

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4 min readFeb 15, 2023

Back-testing, front-testing, user-testing, dev-testing… Just all kinds of testing, really

Say bye-bye to high slippage. (Well, at least most of it.)

It’s been on our roadmap for a while, but we’re happy to announce that 1inch is now fully integrated into Kassandra! You can test it here on any of our investment pools.

You can now buy the pool tokens using any tokens that are in 1inch. You’ve hear me right: Any token with minimal slippage!

While this fixes the main component of our slippage issue, there is a second issue: Due to YieldYak removing pools that some of our pool tokens were staked in, the slippage has been higher than usual. We’re currently working on it!

Here’s a resumé of what we’ll talk about in this one:

  • 1inch Integration
  • Kassandra for Managers
  • Dashboards

Ready? Let’s get to it!

We’ve been talking about this one for, at least, a couple of months. We’re happy to say that it is finally delivered! Gone are the days of high slippage and wasted gas fees. You can now swap any coin in 1inch for aHYPE or K3C!

Let me tell you: The list is basically endless. Minimize your clicks and maximize your investments! You can see how it works here for aHype — Try to make a few swaps and tell us how it feels!

We’re happy to say that fund managing is complete. Right now, just tweaking the finer details and creating test pools to see how well it works. On the less technical side of things, we’re creating a FAQ for users when first interacting with it and terms and conditions, y’know, to keep the SEC away.

Just like the fund creation, manager’s dashboard is also complete. Right now, we’re planning to onboard users from partner protocols (and our communities) to test it out, alongside fund creation!

If you’re interested, give us a shout in Discord and you’ll be considered for our test! Here are some cool sneak peeks — our treat.

In the Fee Rewards screen, you’ll be able to see which kind of rewards your funds are generating and claim them. You’ll also be able to set fees and check historic graphs on your revenue!

In the Details screen, you’ll look at details from your fund, including investment thesis, strategy, goals, summaries, as well as edit fund names, pictures and privacy settings!

Funds will be completely customizable, back to back!

Now, here are some of our upcoming news!

  • Deliver the Polygon Social Index on testnet (again…)
  • User testing for our Manager Dashboard/Fund Creation
  • Switch the unused pools on aHYPE
  • Finally add GMX (currently bottlenecked by aHYPE)

That’s all for today. Pop in our discord, telegram, and twitter to keep up with us and exchange some ideas! Until next time.


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