Kassandra Gazette #12 — The Final Steps

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3 min readJan 31


In this one, we talk about the few steps we have left until our multichain future.

Hello, world!

What a couple of weeks it has been. KACY went 5x, aHYPE is up 88% this month, and TriCrypto is up 30%. We’re not out of the woods yet, but we’ve certainly reached a nice looking clearing. Today’s topics:

  • Polygon Social Index
  • Pool Creation
  • Management Studio

While our existing projects keep delivering their core purpose, our new ones are well underway. Today, let’s touch base on how it all stands, right now, When all’s well…

The Polygon Social Index, or pHYPE (working title) will be our first product in the Polygon chain. It will function much like aHYPE on Avalanche: The most socially active tokens on Polygon, ideally yielding whenever possible.

Right now, it is 90% complete. The front end is ready, which means the design and how it is interacted with on the webpage is ready. With just a couple of corrections needed to launch. The next step will be to deploy it on testnet.

The Pool Creation feature (colloquially known as Create-a-Fund) will be the -bread-and-butter of Kassandra. It has been on the plans for over a year now, and shortly after our one-year-anniversary (happy birthday to us!) it’ll be out for everyone!

And, just like pHYPE, as far as design, website integration and the like go, it is completely ready. The only missing part is the smart contract interactions, and those are getting worked on. Expect more news!

And last but not least, the Manager Dashboard will be where managers can analyze their funds, change allocations, customize their tickers, fund icons, and more.

Most importantly, you can check what happens to your fund, who invests in it, how much was invested, how much in fees you’re generating… It’ll be a dream come true to fund managers. Here are some more sneak peeks!

This is the Activity screen. This is where you’ll see deposits, withdrawals, weight changes on the pool, asset additions and asset removals.

This is the Investors screen. You’ll be able to see who are your biggest “shareholders”, how much they own, and how long they’ve been in your fund.

Won’t spoil too much anymore! Wait for more news!

Now, here are some of our upcoming news!

  • Deliver the Polygon Social Index on testnet
  • Generate a test pool to test the Manager Studio
  • Integrate the 1inch widget

Right now, we’re focused on delivering our protocol to Polygon and releasing the fund creation feature, but after that, we’re going multichain, baby. That’s all for today!

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