Kassandra Gazette #10 — Polygon, here we go.

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4 min readDec 13, 2022

The one with the multichain news, balancer grants and the long awaited user-created funds.

Goddamn ye merry gentlemen. Another month, another victory. Our first step in our roadmap has been delivered to Balancer!

… Did we even mention we’ve got a Balancer grant?

Well, here it is! We’re surviving the bear market whilst doing great strides: We managed to fund our upcoming cross-chain jump and our index creation mechanism with Balancer!

Here’s what we’re discussing today:

  • The Balancer Grant
  • The Polygon Social Index
  • Create-a-fund

Here’s how we’re making it happen:

Can’t have a good product without decent UI/UX. Our design team is doing:

  • Pool creation interface design (web and mobile)
  • Pool creation user flow definition
  • Manager dashboard design

Yes, you read that right: You’ll be able to create pools using your phone. Here’s a little sneak peek of what it might look like:

(May be final. May be not.)

We don’t want to spoil it too much, but in a couple of months your whole Kassandra experience will change — drastically.

  • Pangolin component integration
  • Creation of the “activity” component
  • Interface ready for Polygon deployment

We’ve implemented the Pangolin swap widget, which allows you to buy KACY straight from our website at the most liquid swap possible ;)

You can go test it out right now by clicking on “Buy Kacy” on Kassandra.Finance!

We heightened the information delivery for our investors. This might seem like a simple feature, but indexing this data allows us to build cooler stuff in the future! Here’s the activity screen:

Thanks to that information flow, we have upped the ante on visual aid for fund managers, such as additional charts!

And last, but definetly not least, our application is now completely cross-chain ready! Now our application is ready to launch on Polygon and any other blockchain!

You can now switch your network to Matic and get ready for our upcoming Polygon Social Index!

Notice how funds will now display the chain they are in? You’ll be seeing a lot of new icons there soon!

  • 1Inch swap integration
  • Fund Creation
  • Polygon Social Index

We’ve talked about the 1inch integration before — But here’s the kicker: You have to use tokens that are inside the index fund to invest in it.

With 1inch, you’ll be able to invest in any fund, using any token. No more switching tokens around and getting exposed to potential losses whenever you want to buy in a fund. Here’s what it’ll look like:

Right now, our front-end devs are laser-focused on finishing up the sprawling oasis where fund managers will start their journey: The fund creation process.

And after you’ve finished your masterpiece, you’ll be able to see how your funds are doing, how much money has been withdrawn/put into it, how each token is doing… It’ll feel like you’re inside the matrix.

Things might seem uneventful looking from the outside, but our team is going full steam ahead. There are so many things to do that we barely have time to stop, catch our breath and update you guys with everything that’s been going on!

We hope that this little gazette quenches some of your thirst for Kassandra news, and if you’re still yearning for more, reach us on our Discord, our most active social!

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