Kassandra Foundation & Team

Kassandra is an audacious project to delegate money management in a decentralized, efficient, and customizable way.

For managers, Kassandra is a plug-and-earn solution to port complex money management strategies to decentralized ecosystems, saving time and costs when compared to the traditional market, helping managers to raise funds without the need for complex infrastructure.

For investors, Kassandra democratizes access to robust data models and quantitative analysts leveraging portfolio optimization and potential gains.

This is not only a great technology challenge but also a substantial business development task, and that’s the reason to build a well-funded and strong foundation and a team of believers and builders to push Kassandra into reality.

Kassandra Foundation

The Kassandra Foundation is the entity funded by the token sales events. The purpose of the foundation is to promote and develop Kassandra in both technological and marketing aspects, via grants and capital deployment in solid activities that can leverage the success of Kassandra.

As token holders, we view Kassandra as a long-term project, we believe that the Indexes and ETF markets will keep growing at a fast pace — investment baskets will play a major role in investing, especially in DeFi. Thus, building a technical and management foundation is key to be one of the key participants in the DeFi ecosystem.

Although we plan to actively help Kassandra grow and have the means to be successful, the Kassandra Foundation is not Kassandra. We do not plan to operate or manage Kassandra, this only can be done by the DAO and its token holders. The foundation’s main role is to deploy the needed resources that are under our control to support Kassandra’s long-term success, helping it achieve its goal of helping Kassandra be successful in the long term. This long-term success can only be attained with a participative and energetic community, thus Kassandra will be able to achieve its goal of providing well-balanced portfolios in the form of Indexes.

Kassandra Team

We’re regular Joes, Kassandra could have been an anonymous project, but we decided to go 100% transparent on who we are. We do not hold fancy resumes with experience on the biggest technology companies, nor Ivy league schools PhD.

We’re a fast-paced team of young and passionate builders seeking to change the world and make our names.

And we’re open to onboarding the community! If you fit our values, please drop by our social channels and lets build together. We believe more in results and passion than in resumes.

Nonetheless, we’re ready to rock. Even without prestige medals, our team has a strong background in finance, mathematics, data science, UI/UX, and we’re ready to be ahead of the development of new investment products and strategies in the DeFi ecosystem.

The strategic development team

Kevin Voigt is our project lead, he is a physics major, data scientist, and blockchain developer, and has a passion for building complex solutions from scratch.

Hamilton Haskel is our financial and strategic leader, he dropped out of a major in physics to become a chad investor, actively seeking the hidden gems of the cryptocurrency market since 2013. He will ensure that Kassandra market strategy stays aligned with the most degen interests.

André Zanghelini is our technology leader, fullstack developer, software engineer, and DevOps operative of Kassandra. He is known in the team as “The Wizard”, a voracious learner with accumulated knowledge in many programming languages, from C++ to Python and Solidity.

The interface and product team

Arthur Stofella is the guy behind the beauty of Kassandra, he is a human-computer interaction design enthusiast that worked and researched within the fields of illustration, visual identity, digital media, digital fabrication, and architecture.

Jony Reis is our frontend lead developer, always flirting with UX/UI design, he is responsible for the implementation and WEB3 connectivity of the Kassandra interface.

Fernando Rigo is a non-stoppable human when the matter is frontend, always learning new things and always pushing pixel-perfect implementations of the most beautiful and fancy designs.

The business and research team

Pedro Jung is our quantitative analyst, but also a physics major, he dropped out of an economics major to study physics and now moved from physics to finance again. He is the mind behind Kassandra research and strategies development and will help us build the most profitable and efficient quant strategies.

Jorge Filho is our business developer, he is a financial management major, former credit analyst, property trader, and portfolio manager and is helping our growth with the best efforts to connect Kassandra with many partners.

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