Kassandra Foresees the Future: the Roadmap for 2023

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5 min readJan 4, 2023

A priestess fated to utter true prophecies, but never to be believed.

Kassandra was officially launched back in January of 2022, and believe me, we’ve been through a lot of ups and down since then.

Yet, we built. And now, it’s time to give you some spotlights into our path thus far, as well as our vision for Kassandra going forward.

Vision for 2023

Let’s start by briefing a few key points driving our vision for 2023.

  • The marketplace for managed pools

What started as a DAO that manages data-driven investment funds is evolving into a marketplace that will enable anyone to create and take control of their own managed pools.

Throughout last year’s journey, we’ve realized that the best way to leverage our future is to change our old approach of just managing investment funds to creating a community-led ecosystem of managers.

We aim to connect investors and managers.

We want to help investors find the right investment pool for their risk appetite, and we want to help managers to get investors for their investment strategies.

In 2023 we want Kassandra to be the decentralized tool to connect and bring value to those two.

  • Kassandra is for everyone

For 2023 we don’t plan on creating a tool only for professional managers, we’re taking one step further: we’re building it for everyone.

Kassandra wants to bring a new, simplified approach to decentralized asset management, enabling anyone to easily manage their own money (and other people’s too!)

Most web3 users already manage their own money; why not make it easier?

We want you to have a platform where even if you don’t want to be a manager, you’ll still create managed pools in Kassandra to make your life easier!

This means that we want to create a platform that will help any DeFi user to manage their own portfolio.

Do you have funds in your wallet? Why don’t you create your own managed pool on Kassandra with them?

And by setting your managed pool settings to public, you can start monetizing your own portfolio with management fees. But don’t worry, nothing wrong with keeping it private and not sharing your alpha if you don’t want to.

  • The Balancer Grant

Our recent grant from Balancer Grants is an important step for Kassandra’s future. With Balancer, we’ll be building an interface for managed pools using Balancer V2.

Balancer V2 managed pools have an enormous untapped potential for asset management because they provide extreme flexibility and efficiency whilst removing a lot of complexity and work from the manager’s job.

Building on top of Balancer allows us to focus on developing tools and improving the UX for managers and investors while having the best protocol solution for managed pools developed by Balancer.

In our vision, this is a small step in a possible long-term relationship. This last year, Balancer has been migrating to a Dao2Dao approach. Instead of focusing on developing the product, Balancer focuses on developing the technology that will enable others DAOs to build on top of it.

And it has been quite successful: Beethoven X, Aura, Element, and many other applications are built around Balancer.

For 2023, we want to strengthen our relationship with Balancer, shipping the best in the market solution for asset management built on top of Balancer, and thus establishing Kassandra as the one solution for asset management in the Balancer Ecosystem.

  • Managed Pools

Kassandra will differ from other decentralized asset management applications by its improved user experience, and by utilizing managed pools as its base layer of technology.

Every investment pool in Kassandra will be a Managed Pool, which means:

  • Managers set allocation percentages for each asset in the Pool
  • The pool always buys and sells assets to meet the target allocations
  • Managers can change allocation percentages instead of trading assets

This brings a few constraints on what the manager can do. If you’re a trader, you may not appreciate this model too much at first, but in the long run, it greatly simplifies the asset management process.

  • Every deposit is automatically handled and invested with the same allocations as the rest of the pool.
  • Withdrawals are automatically handled.
  • When assets appreciate or depreciate, due to automatic rebalancing, the risk composition and volatility of the pool don’t change.

All of this combined brings a new approach to decentralized asset management: a solution that requires minimal work from the manager. Managers using Kassandra only need to set and edit allocation percentages, while everything else is handled automatically.

The Roadmap for 2023

With the vision set, we can say that there are many things that our team wants to cover in this next year.

We are an agile team, and we don’t want to set the entire roadmap for the next year in stone. We believe that having the ability to learn and change on the path forward has helped us a lot in the past, and it will help us again in the future.

With that being said, we think it’s important to give an overview of what we want, at this point, to work in 2023.

The actual roadmap will change based on year-to-year trends and insights, but these are the features we’re starting with on our 2023 backlog:

  • 1Inch Integration
  • Polygon Social Index
  • Managed Pool Creation Interface
  • Managers Dashboard
  • Referral Codes & Brokers Dashboard
  • Communication Tool for Managers <> Investors
  • Passive Orders for Managers
  • Manually Rebalanced Pools (fixed amounts instead of fixed allocations)
  • Improved Managers Profile Page
  • My Portfolio Page
  • Managers Community Building
  • Automated Data-Driven Managed Pools for Managers
  • Web2 Integrations

If you find one key idea missing, or if you want to dig deeper into one of these, we strongly encourage you to join our discord, where we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions for 2023.

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