The Kassandra Gazette — July edition! #3

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3 min readJul 1, 2022

New website, BTC.B and all that jazz. Thought we were doing nothing? That’s only on fridays!

It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? Welcome to the Biweekly Kassandra Report!

A quiet couple of weeks, huh? Well, not to us, and you’re about to get a small taste on the whys and hows. We’ve been, as usual, hard at work on delivering our promised features, namely: Governance and Fund Creation! While we’ve been evolving on both fronts, Governance is coming much sooner.

Here’s the entire scoop, in sections:

Fund Updates!

  • Figuring out how to integrate BTC.B with K3C

This is priority number one, as BTC.B yield is paying absurdly high rates compared to WBTC.E strategies. Seeing that we have yet to break 1000 native BTC tokens on Avalanche, we’re hurrying up to make users take advantage of that yield as fast as possible!

The Application Team

  • Making our code more scalable for future funds
  • Deploying the Governance forum
  • Finishing up Investor Profiles (voting, tracking screen)

Ensuring our protocol works when many new funds are added is also something in the works. And yes, our dear Governance is coming sooner than you might expect ;)

The Website Redesign Journey

This is something that has been in the works for a while. Remember that 200 KACY reward survey we did a while back? It gave us some valuable feedback and started a snowball effect that eventually led us to redesign our whole website.

Crazy, right? Here’s a list of our completed objectives thus far:

  • Betterment of user experience
  • Header interactions
  • Complete rethinking of website sections
  • New illustrations
  • Benchmarking of competitors
  • Complete overhaul of visuals
This is like 10% of it all

A lot of stuff. The good bit is that theres not much left to finish it completely and unveil it to everyone, and let me tell you: We can’t wait to show it off!

The Research Team

  • Analysis of wallets with staked KACY to better understand staker profile
  • Optimizing our swap fee of 0.3% to decide if it’s the best option

Basically, we are trying to figure out the best swap fee percentage to optimize our abritrageur efficiency to rebalance index funds. While at it, we’re also collecting information on our dear hodlers to optimize our website to best suit them.

This is the scoop! We hope that this sheds some light into the inner workings of our team and protocol. Our next article, “The End Of Q2" is coming soon after.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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